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Gear Games Prehistoric Park is headed your way this November

by On

Theme Parks and Cavemen are two things that normally don’t go together. An upcoming Android game called Prehistoric Park looks to change all that though as it lets you build a Stone Age amusement park full of colorful characters and quirky rides. Prehistoric Park is the story of simple cavemen just looking to have a good time. One day millions of years ago the cavemen discovered what laughter was thanks to a caveboy who they anointed master entertainer. Well this cave jester thought it would be a good idea to put up history’s first amusement park which is where you come into play as you’ll have to help him build it and keep your cave people happy. Prehistoric Park comes loaded with over 60 rides & attractions, 5 different types of employees, and over 100 decorations and shops for your cave folk to enjoy. Prehistoric Park was originally released years ago for mobile devices long before Android dominated the world. Now the game is making a comeback and it looks like a slick little building game that’s going to give you plenty to build. I always enjoyed the classic Theme Park game so personally I’m looking forward to this one. No firm release date has been set, but Prehistoric Park will be out sometime this month. We’ll keep you updated, until then check out the trailer full of Prehistoric fun.