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Get a Great Deal and Help Charity with The Humble Bundle for Android

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If you love indie games there’s no doubt you’ve heard of the Humble Bundle, and now we’ve got that same great deal for Android. If you’re not familiar with the concept, the Humble Bundle for Android gives gamers several awesome games for one price and the kicker is that you get to pick how much you pay. The Bundle setup works like this… You go to the site and select the amount of money you wish to donate, they have preset amounts or you can enter your own. Next up you’ll see a set of sliders and you can actually select where your money goes; you can split things up between developers, charities and humble inc. After entering your email and paying, that’s basically it and you’ll have 3 to 4 awesome games to play or gift if you so choose. How you get the bundle is great and all, but now we’re going to look at what you get…

Everyone who purchases the Humble Bundle gets 3 great games with Edge Extended, Osmos HD, and Anomaly: Warzone Earth. When I say three great games I really mean it and it just takes a quick glance at the market stats to see just how well-liked these games are. If you pay over the running “average” of the bundle you’ll get a 4th game which is a little game you may have heard of called The World of Goo. All the games are excellent, but adding the World of Goo in is the icing on the cake. The current average at the time of this writing is right around 6 bucks; World of Goo costs $4.99 on its own so you can see the kind of deal you’re getting with 3-4 games. Oh yeah, the games are cross-platform compatible as well which means you can play then on Windows, Mac OS X, Android and Linux!


The Humble Bundle for Android is a killer deal and the fact that you get to help out two charities with the Child’s Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation should help to loosen those pockets. They have a running tally on the site of money raised and top contributors and I’ll be the first to say congrads to @tantepose for being the top contributor so far! If you’d like to own any of these games or know a gamer that would check out the link below and get yourself  a deal with the Humble Bundle for Android.

The Humble Bundle for Android