There are more Android apps based on photo editing/drawing that you can shake a stick at, and we just added one more to the list with Live Graffiti from Live Typing Studios. This handy little app has amassed over 7 million downloads on Mother Russia’s social network VK.com, and is now set to take on the states along with the rest of the world as it’s now available for Android. Live Graffiti is a drawing app at its core; it doesn’t necessarily have all the bells & whistles of other fully fledged drawing apps but it will get the job done. You basically get an adjustable brush that allows you to set the size and intensity of the line, a color picker, and an undo & zoom button. There aren’t a lot of tools, but you don’t need a lot of them to accomplish what this app does which is “show” your work. When you’ve completed a doodle or masterpiece you can hit the play button to watch your art unfold or send it along to someone you love… or hate. That’s where the moniker “Live Graffiti” comes into play as you can draw anything you like, and then send a clip of you drawing it to whomever you like. There aren’t many options, but you can save your work to send later if you don’t want to send it right away.


Live Graffiti is a simple to use drawing app that’s quite a bit of fun to use. I text constantly, and it was pretty funny to send a few hand drawn “personal” messages to my comrades. It got even better when I sent a couple of rather crude messages, and got to watch their faces as it slowly unfolded one letter at a time. Yup… think about all the fun you can have when someone can “watch” what you’re drawing, especially when you throw it at them one slow letter at a time. This app will can make people say “Bozhe Moi!” more times than Piotr Rasputin… if anyone actually gets that reference, you’ve made my day. I do wish the app had more features, but it’s a fun little app nonetheless. You can pick up Live Typing Studios Live Graffiti on Google Play for the low price of free.  

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