If you enjoy creative Android games, there’s a brand new you’ll want to get called Phyzicle Sandbox from Agop Shirinian. Phyzicle is a 2D physics-based sandbox game that lets you build contraptions and have some good old fashioned physics fun. Phyzicle gives you a nice palette to build your contraptions by letting you create shapes and constraints. You can make circles, rectangles, and squares then you’ll use a constraint tool to attach objects to one another. There’s a nice tutorial to walk you through things, and I would definitely recommend reading it as there’s a lot to take in and learn. Every object you create can be adjusted as you can tweak settings like elasticity, friction, and density. You can also change an items color, make it a “static” object (don’t forget that one) and even turn solids into liquid. There are literally tons of different things you can do; I’ve not been able to spend much time with Phyzicle, but have already made a truck of sorts using shapes, springs and gears. There are plenty of constraints with adjustable settings as well; you can setup and adjust springs, rods, pins, and thrusters just to name a few.


Phyzicle Sandbox is a very cool app, and one a lot of people should enjoy even if there is a bit of a learning curve. There’s enough of a tutorial to help out newcomers, and people a bit more experienced with the sandbox genre should have no trouble getting to work quickly as Phyzicle is simple to use. I’ve already killed a few hours tinkering around with shapes and liquids, and look forward to seeing where the developer goes with the app from here. If you want to give it a go (you know you do) you can pick up Agop Shirinian’s Phyzicle Sandbox for free on Google Play.  

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