This new app called Fitocracy goes out for all of you Android fans who are in need of a good app to motivate you in getting fit this new year. First released for iOS, Fitocracy is the official app for fitness tracking site. Basically, Fitocracy Android app lets you track your activity using your phone, catch up with friends and stay connected with your fitness communities, no matter where you may be. Fitocracy Android app has the same features as its iOS counterpart. You can use the app to track your workoutm get and give props to your friends who are also into fitness, check notifications to find out if there’s anybody who’s added you as your friend, keep up with updates about your fitness groups, read what your friends are posting, leave comments about their updates, and you can even post photos as well as fitness statuses. Additionally, the app also keep track of your fitness level and give you badges as well as awards. Being a fitness enthusiast myself, I was intrigued by the raves that this Android app has been getting since it was released for iOS. I thought it was your usual fitness app which gives you training programs to do including photos and videos on how to do a particular exercise. But it is not. Instead, Fitocracy gives you challenges to accomplish in a day, during a workout or a specific time. It tells you what you need to do and every tasks included in the app are actually exercises. Every task is labeled with witty titles, making you check it out to find out what you need to do. This sort of serve as a motivating factor to get fit. Fitocracy is a fitness app for Android that will really get you motivated to stay fit and health this year. If part of you new year’s resolution is to have  a healthy, buff life in 2013, you should start your quest for this year by downloading Fitocracy from Google Play. It’s a pretty download anyway. Via [Google Play]

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