Get New Gear while getting rid of the Old with Listia for Android


If you’re like me and love to spend time searching sites like ebay for deal there’s a new Android App you’ll want to take note of called Listia. Listia is an online marketplace that lets you get rid of things you no longer want in an auction format, but the kicker is that everything’s free and runs off credits. The whole premise behind Listia revolves around its credit system as no cash is exchanged on or within the site.  Basically, you find something you don’t want or have no use for, list it on their site and wait to see how many credits it will bring. Once the auctions over you’ll have to ship your item to the winner and you’ll receive the credits the high bidder spend on your item. You can them turn around and use the credits you earned from your old stuff to buy other items on Listia. You get 400 credits when you sign-up to get you started, and you’ll get another 100 when you list your first auction. Bonus credits are given out for being active, inviting friends and for a limited time you can get 50 credits for connecting with Facebook or Twitter.


The app and site are pretty straightforward, and as an ex-Ebayer I really like the concept behind Listia. There are no fee’s which is awesome, and they’ve got a nice assortment of random things from Madden 12 for the Ps3 to Pink Pampass grass seeds. If you enjoy online shopping or auction sites Listia is something you’ll definitely want to check into as it looks like you can get some deals and it’s always nice to get a return on your old stuff. You can check out Listia in the Android market for free.

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