As the Major League Baseball season is less than a month away, the first baseball apps of the year are slowly starting to arrive. While there’s no Yahoo Fantasy Baseball app yet, we did get a nice official app in the form of MLB.com At Bat 12. If you’re a baseball fan or a subscriber to MLB.TV you’ll definitely want to check this little Android app out. The season hasn’t started yet but MLB.com At Bat 12 can still give you the lowdown in several different areas. The app allows you to pick a home screen widget using your favorite teams’ icon and has an enhanced video archive that’s searchable by team, player or keyword. More importantly the app gives you live Spring Training baseball from the Grapefruit & Cactus leagues by letting you listen to available radio broadcasts where you’ll be able to follower all the action pitch-by-pitch. You can listen to games, get the latest news, and utilize you’re MLB.TV account if you’re a subscriber. The app works on most devices and this year you can buy it as single app for phones and several tablets.


I’m a baseball fan so I was pretty excited to see the app come into the market and check it out. So far I like what I see, but I did have a few audio related issues that others are having as well. It’s still an early version of the app so I’m sure MLB will get all the kinks worked out before opening day on April 4th. There is a “lite” version of the app available while the full version of MLB.com At Bat 12 will set you back $14.99. Both versions of MLB.com At Bat 12 are available for download in the Android market.

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