Get ready for War with Miniclip’s Hambo for Android

The games just keep on coming. That was my first thought when I browsed through Google Play today and noticed Hambo from Miniclip Games. I’ve seen around 9 good looking games drop today and plan on covering most of them, but we’re starting with Hambo because who doesn’t like a Pig version of Rambo?Hambo is a warrior pig that’s out to rescue his best buddy Bacon from the evil enemy, and he’s going to do it all with some trajectory-based shooting. To clear each level Hambo will have to take out any pig soldiers in his way, and you’ll do this by simply aiming the cursor and pressing the fire button. You can’t move Hambo, but you can bounce bullets to reach hidden enemies and shatter some objects to improve your line of sight to the target. You will get new guns as the game progresses; I unlocked an Uzi about 20 levels in, but have no idea what other weapons you’ll get. There are also around 20 different costumes to unlock including the likes of Hamrisson Pork, Hog of War, Cold-Ham, and my two personal favorites Just a Beaver and Star Pork which you’ll see in the picture above. Like levels? Hambo has a lot of them with 5 mission packs covering more than 200 missions.


Hambo is a very cool quick play shooter that manages to make things fun without taking itself too seriously. It looks to have plenty of depth and while I’ve only blown through the first 20 levels, I’m looking forward to finishing the game out. Hambo is marketed as free, but you’ll actually only get the first 2 level packs for free. The full version unlocks the whole game and removes all ads for only $1.09. You can try out Miniclip’s Hambo on Google Play for free.


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