Get Retro with Stardash for Android

 Retro gaming guru’s Orange Pixel have struck again, and this time it’s with a little game called Stardash. Stardash takes you back to the 90s and a time when Will Smith was still known as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and gameboy’s were the “must have” portable gaming console. This little 2D platformer has the look, and most importantly the feel of a great old Gameboy game. We all know that looks alone do not make a game, and I’m happy to report Stardash is also a blast to play.

You’ll pounce on enemies heads, collect coins and unlock 4 secret temples as you travel across 40 levels of retro fun. I will say this is not an easy game; while I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with it yet, it’s pretty challenging so far which is a good thing. Stardash’s graphics & sound effects are reminiscent enough to make you have a flashback, and it runs like a champ on my aging captivate. The times may have changed, but it’s nice to see a brand new Gameboy-esque platformer for Android.  You can check out the ad-supported free version of Stardash, or pick up the full version sans ads for $2.18.

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