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Get Social with these 4 Great Social Networking Apps for Android

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Oh Social Networking. Some people can’t get enough of it while others despise it’s existence. Whether you love it or hate it Social Networking sites are here to stay, and there are a lot of apps out there that let you connect to your friends and family through your Android device. We thought it would be fun to do a quick list to let folks know which apps are the ones to go for, so here we go with our list of 4 Great Social Networking Apps for your Android device…


Facebook might still be the most popular, but Google + has definitely made an impact over the past year. Google + is a great fit for the list as it’s made by Google who is responsible for Android to begin with. It’s also easy to use, has a stylish interface, and uses slick features like Hangouts & Streams. I’ve slowly started converting myself over from Bookface Facebook, and am trying to get my friends to convert as well. If you’re reading this chances are you already have Google + installed, but if you don’t then you should definitely check it out.


By now you may have noticed that Facebook and Twitters official app isn’t on the list, and it was honestly a tough decision to make. Both of the official apps have their issues, and after much debate we decided to scrap those from the list and just include Seesmic which can handle both. The app lets you access your Twitter & Facebook accounts and it can even handle multiple twitter accounts. It has full Facebook integration, a handy ‘mute’ feature, and it can post your status to Twitter & Facebook at the same time. Seesmic is free to download, but ad supported; if you want the Pro version sans ads you can get it for $2.99.


Yup, Myspace is still around and they have an official app as well. Over half of their users may have migrated to Facebook, but Myspace is still alive and kickin’. I honestly hadn’t used the site in almost 2 years before I checked it out for this article. Things have definitely changed over in Myspace land, and the official Myspace app works well if you’re looking to check the site out on your mobile. The app is free so why don’t you check it out and say hello to Tom again… he was your first friend after all.


Basically everyone uses Twitter & Facebook nowadays, but if you’re more of the professional type chances are you’re on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the social network for professionals and it’s a great way to network with colleagues new and old. You can get information on companies, sync your calendar to get LinkedIn profile info if you’re meeting someone with an account or view recommended jobs. There are definitely a few things I’d like to see changed up a bit, but overall it’s a nice looking app that works well. You can get the official LinkedIn app for free on Google Play.