FUS RO DAH!!! If you play Skyrim you know exactly what that means, and if you don’t you’ll probably want to skip this. Skyrim Alchemy Shared Effect is a cool little Android App that Skyrim gamers will enjoy as it really helps you out in the tricky area of alchemical ingredients. The Skyrim Alchemy Shared Effect app was designed by Brchtu to use in the effects discovery process so you want have to wander around eating herbs to learn the first effect. You’ll no longer have to run to the web to look up multiple-effect matches as everything is laid out in a very easy to use interface. The app has everything you’d need to know in the area of “effect discovery” and covers everything from Bear Claws and Nirnroot to Giant’s Toes and Troll Fat. Want to know the properties of Eye of the Sabercat? Not a problem as the Skyrim Alchemy Shared Effect app has you covered.


There are some other apps out there that have similar functions, as the author acknowledges himself in the market description. Skyrim Alchemy Shared Effect stands out to me and others users for its ease of use and I also appreciate the fact that it requires no special permissions to run. If you’re looking for a little help in the Alchemy department Skyrim Alchemy Shared Effect might just be the thing for you. You can pick up Skyrim Alchemy Shared Effect on Google Play for free.

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