Want to have a Personal Trainer in your pocket? Well, look no further than Nike’s new Android app the Nike Training Club. It’s not Nike’s first app and it definitely won’t be it’s last, but is it better than what’s already out there? The Nike Training Club app lets you have your own personal trainer at all times by giving you over 114 custom workouts and 100+ dynamic drills. You can choose the workout that’s best for you and you’ll even get rewarded for getting in shape. The app has full-body workouts that can run for 30-45 minutes a pop along with 15 minute sets for targeted and professional athletes. There’s some bonus content as well; as you meet goals you’ll be rewarded with workouts from professional athletes, yoga trainers, and you can even get a lesson from Rihanna’s personal trainer Ary Nuñez. I’m sure Ary is a great trainer, but we wish someone would train Rihanna in common sense. Yeah I went there, not a Chris Brown fan as you can probably tell… back to the app. Nike Training Club has a few other cool features to note like letting you work out to your own music, detailed workout histories, and audio guidance to keep you motivated if you start to slack off. Verdict I’m a pretty lazy individual in the winter months, so I’ve not personally tested this one out. That being said, the holiday season is the perfect time to cut a few pounds before packing your face full of food so the Nike Training Club app is being released at the perfect time. I did play around with Nike’s other Android apps and if the Nike Training Club app is half as good as those you’ve got a very serious fitness app to work out with. If you want to give it a go you can pick up the Nike Training Club app on Google Play for free.

Nike Training Club

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