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GigaMarket releases the eReader for Android

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Overview eReader is a new Android app from GigaMarket that works to make reading a comfortable experience on your Android device. Anyone who owns a iDevice or Kindle Fire knows how nice a good e-library can be, and the eReader attempts to bring those good looks and ease of use to the masses. The eReader app lets you sort & search eBooks in many different ways. There are several different viewing modes that range from shelves and lists to collections which ensures you’ll be able to quickly and easily find the books you’re looking for on the go. You can do in-book searches on Google & Wikipedia and navigate through your books using Table of Contents navigation. If you’re looking for a new book you can browse the Mall which gives you the option to download over 38,000 eBooks. Last but not least, the eReader allows you to share your favorites on social networks, and there are a slew of settings to adjust that will make reading pleasurable no matter your preference.


The eReader is easy to use and easy on the eyes as well. There are plenty of options to adjust depending on you’re reading preferences and the layout is a breeze to navigate. If you’re in the market for a new eBook reader or just want to try something different you may want to give the eReader a go. You can find GigaMarket’s eReader for free on Google Play.