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Glu Mobile drops Gladiator Game Blood & Glory into the Android Market

by On

As I was getting myself caffeinated and stumbling through the market this morning, I saw a new Android game called Blood & Glory. I instantly though Gladiators, and soon found out I was right as Glu Mobile has just put out a slick looking Gladiator game into the market. There have been a few other Gladiatorial games out there, but most were less than stellar to say the least. I can already tell you Blood & Glory looks awesome, but how does it play? Blood & Glory is a “Swipe and Slash” game meaning you won’t have a joystick, but will use blocking and attacking techniques instead. The controls are very simple to use as you basically touch the shield to block and swipe to attack. I’ve just played through the first fight to see how it was, and I can tell you that graphically it’s a very easy on the eyes. The graphics are top-notch and the swipe attack blocking/dodging actions are fun as well. As with most Glu Games you’re going to get hit with a few ads and Glu Credits, but I can live with it to earn honor in the Arena. I’ve wanted a “good” gladiator game for quite some time, and it seems Glu has visually answered the call with Blood & Glory. I haven’t given the game a proper run through yet (for a good reason), but from what I’ve seen so far this is going to be one awesome game; especially if you dig gladiators like I do. I highly recommend everyone check out Blood & Glory; you can pick it up for free in the Android market.