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Glu Mobile is bringing the Outdoors Indoors with Campers! for Android

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As mentioned earlier today, Glu Mobile is set to release two cool Android games this week, and as we’ve covered the first we’re now going to take a look at the 2nd game from Glu called Campers! In case the name didn’t give it away, Campers! is all about a summer camp. You’ll get to build a camp full of outdoor activities and you’ll have to keep your campers happy as well. Some of the tasks you’ll take on include tracking animals, collecting plants, and building new cabins of course as your campers will want to have somewhere to sleep. Anyone that’s ever attended summer camp knows about the nifty little badges you used to get, and Campers! let’s you give out a few of your own to your little campers. As you can see from the screens the game looks great, and it’s the first camp/camping syle game I’ve seen so Kudos for originality. Campers! looks to be a great new game, and even though I hated Summer Camp with a vengeance when I was a kid I’m looking forward to checking out the game. There are a lot of different things that go on at camp so I’m pretty curious to see exactly what you do in the game. There was mention of roasting marshmallows, but I’m unsure if they’ll be any food fights… one can only hope. Expect to see Campers! in the next few days, and as always we’ll let you know more about the game when it arrives. You can check out the trailer below to learn more about Campers! or hit the link to check out more of Glu Mobiles games.

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