Glu Mobile releases American Pickers the Game for Android


If you like the show American Pickers prepare to be surprised as Glu Mobile has just released American Pickers the Android game. The premise for the show is actually perfect for a game, and Glu has done a great job at turning American Pickers into a hidden object game that fits the show to a tee. American Pickers the game follows Mike & Frank around the country, and it is just like the show. You’ll go to different states, meet unique people, and “pick” hidden objects in over 24 locations. Mike & Frank talk throughout the game and throw out some of their catchphrases from the show; Danielle is there as well and she’ll hit you up on the cell while you’re on the road just like on the show. You’ll even get to “deal” with folks by using icebreakers to get your foot in the door and bundles to get things a bit cheaper. Once you’re done pickin’ its back to the shop to check out your stuff and see how much profit you’ve made. If you have trouble seeing objects on the screen you can “double tap” to zoom in and pan around the area. I’m not sure if this was left out of the instructions, but thought I’d throw that in there as I did notice a few market comments on the issue.


I’ll start by saying I’m a huge fan of Mike & Frank, and have been watching Pickers since it first aired. I was pumped to see this game last night, and immediately send out links to several of my friends who are fans as well. That being said, I regret that now as the game is limited to 3 states in the “free” version which isn’t a big deal (just false advertising) if you like the game. My issue is the fact that I love the game so I bought the rest of the states for $1.99 (good deal) and never received the damned things. I notified Glu of the issue, but don’t expect to hear anything for several days. I will keep you guys informed as I won’t be reviewing the game until I hear back from Glu. If you want take a chance on it, you can pick up American Pickers on Google Play for free.

Update – Several days later and no response from Glu about the purchase never received. I realize it’s a holiday weekend for some of us, so I’m keeping that in mind. It also seems like other people are having the same issue’s and to be honest I’ve never seen a game for Glu get slammed as hard as this one on Google Play. Here’s hoping they get things fixed, before the game totally goes into the tank… Update #2 – Finally heard back from Glu it took them almost 2 weeks, but they sent me refund, and said they were working to fix the issues. Since then the game has been yanked from the market, and there’s no word on when it will be back. We’ll keep you informed if it pops back up…

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