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Glu Mobile releases Cut the Cheese: Fudge Dragon Rising

by On

Glu Mobile has put out some great games over the past few years, and they’ve covered a lot of different genres as well. Their newest game titled Cut the Cheese: Fudge Dragon is their take on Fruit Ninja, but with a smelly twist in the form of cheese… and farts.

As mentioned, this game is just like Fruit Ninja so if you’ve played that game you’ll have no problem firing up Cut the Cheese. If you’ve never played a slicing game all you have to do is slice every block of cheese you see using your finger. Slicing is where the similarities end between Cut the Cheese: Fudge Dragon and similar games as none of the other games make fart sounds every time you “cut the cheese.” You basically slice every kind of cheese you see until you run out of lives. You’re given 3 lives to start, but can refill by slicing squeeze cheese. You are warned to stay away from the Fudge Dragon, and I believe there’s some sort of Poo bomb I noticed flying around in the madness as well. There isn’t much in the form of extras, but they do use Openfeint to track your progress or gassiness. Honestly, the name alone cracked me up when I saw the game in the market yesterday; you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get the pun in the title.

Cut the Cheese: Fudge Dragon  is a fun little game that kids will love and adults can enjoy as well. There’s not much to it in terms of extras, it’s pretty much a straightforward game about cutting cheese literally and figuratively. If you like cheese, fart jokes, or slicing games you can head on over to the market and get Cut the Cheese: Fudge Dragon Rising for free.