Glu Mobile releases Lil' Kingdom for Android

OverviewLil' Kingdom

Glu Mobile is continuing its tear through the Android market as they’ve just released another game called Lil’ Kingdom. Two weeks ago they had us hunting and now they have us building towers. If you’re thinking Lil’ Kingdom is just another boring tower building game you’d be wrong as Glu’s idea of tower building has you build down instead of up… Lil’ Kingdom is a tale filled with gallant knights, dragons, goblins, peasants, and a beautiful Princess up in a tower. Whereas most building games have you go up, this one has you build down to start your own underground kingdom. You’ll build different types of floors that range from Entertainment and Services to Residential and Kingdom. The basics behind the game follow the rest of the pack, but the graphics certainly do not. Glu took your normal 2D Tower game and made it pop as the characters in Lil’ Kingdom all look sharp and really stand out. There may be a lot of Tower Building games out there, but this is the first 3D one I’ve played and it really looks great.  In case were wondering (you already knew) the game does make use of those damned Glu Credits, but you should be able to purchase most of what you need without having to buy it. The credits mainly seem used to speed things along so while they may be handy, you don’t have to get them to enjoy the game.


I spent a few hours with Lil’ Kingdom last night and was pretty impressed by what I’ve seen so far. I did hit the “wall” a few hours in and had to shut it down and wait for my money to build back up, but that’s to be expected in a game like this. Graphically, the game looks great and it seems like they’ve even calmed it down a bit with the ads which is nice. If you’re a fan of tower building sims or just want to try a great looking little time killer you’ll probably want to give Lil’ Kingdom a go. You can pick up Glu Mobile’s Lil’ Kingdom for free on Google Play.  

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