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Glu Mobile Treats its Fans with Halloween Themed updates & Currency Sale

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Most people are going out to celebrate Halloween this weekend, but if you’re staying in Glu Mobile has a treat for you. They’ve updated several of their popular titles for Halloween and they’re throwing a Currency pack sale on those hard to get Glu Coins. Halloween’s the time of year you get to dress up and eat a lot of junk, but if you’re an Android gamer you know we get some sweet themed updates every year as well. The games getting an update are Samurai vs. Zombie Defense, Gears & Guts, Eternity Warriors 2, and Deer Hunter reloaded. As you can see from the screens, the updates are pretty damned cool… check out that Zombified Deer! As for the currency packs all of them are for sale right now at up to 50% off including popular games like Lil’ Kingdom, Enchant U, Gun Bros, and Tavern Quest. I always enjoy seeing how developers deck out their games this time of year, and Glu has done a nice job on a few of my personal favorites. The Zombie animals in Deer Hunter are great, and the “Pumpkin Warrior” in Eternity Warriors two is pretty bad ass as well. If you’ve longed to buy some Glu Credits now’s the time to get em’ as they’re usually not easy to come by, but allow you to get some of the best gear in the game. If you’re ready to kill a few zombified animals or pick up some coin packs you can head on over to Google Play to check out Glu Mobiles games.

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