Just before that we heard of Horn which again was compared to Infinity Blade, with a mix of Fable about it. Today, Glu Mobile have released a trailer for their upcoming game “Blood and Glory: Legend” which again, has been compared to the popular iOS game Infinity Blade. If you didn’t play the first one, you really missed out on loads of fun… and blood, and we’re sure the second one will be just as much gory fun. Blood and Glory: Legend is the sequel to Glu Mobile’s “Blood and Glory” game released last year. As the name suggests there is quite a bit of blood in this action game. For those of you who are fans of blood and gore in their Android games, Blood and Glory: Legend shouldn’t disappoint either. In Glu Mobile’s video trailer of Blood and Glory: Legend, it doesn’t give many details away about the game, other than the title really. It has been hit with the all too famous line of “coming soon” and if Glu stays true to form it won’t be long before we get to battle in the Arena again. The original Blood and Glory was released as a ‘freemium’ game so it’s quite likely that Glu Mobile will follow the same game model with Blood and Glory: Legend. The original was one of the better freemium game’s we’ve played as you didn’t have to really pay to to play… you just had to be good in the Arena. There no doubt that Blood and Glory: Legend will be a popular game, and it’s one Android game we hope to see very soon. Stay tuned for more news on this slick little Gladiator game, and we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Glu Mobile

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