Go for Gold in Shooting Showdown from Naquatic

shooting.showdownA few weeks back we talked about Naquatic’s Guncrafter, and now we’re back to take a look at another Android game of theirs by the name of Shooting Showdown. shooting.showdown-2Shooting Showdown is a shooting range game that lets you test your skills on several different types of targets. You can brush up on your skills solo or go at it in quick-play matches against folks online. The practice course consists of 9 different setups including paper targets, plates, tires, and trucks. You can choose any range you like in practice mode, but not in multiplayer unfortunately.shooting.showdown-1The multiplayer part of Shooting Showdown pits you against drops you into a random range, and whoever scores the most points wins. You earn gold coins (in both modes) based on how well you do, and you can either ask for a rematch of head back to the main menu. The coins you earn are used to buy better weapons which is where the IAP setup comes into play. Shooting Showdown only has 6 weapons in its arsenal, and each one is a bit more expensive than the last. You can pick up a new gun for cheap staring out, but after that it’s going to be tough. The most expensive rifle is around 9,000 coins which will set you back around 50 bucks. You can always grind it out to earn them, but it’s going to take a while, and that’s not taking any upgrades into account. shooting.showdown-3I’ve played most of the shooting gallery games out there, and Shooting Showdown is certainly the slickest shooter I’ve seen. It’s a lot of fun, but the IAP setup could use some adjusting and it would be nice to have a few more weapons or cheaper options at least. If you dig shooters, you’ll definitely want to give it a look, just be prepared to spend if you want the best weapons available. You can pick up Naquatic’s Shooting Showdown for free on Google Play.

Shooting Showdown

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