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Go for the Gold in Potshot Pirates 3D for Android

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potshot.pirates-androidThere’s a new trend going on with physics flingers where games let you pan around the objects you’re trying to hit. Potshot Pirates 3D is the latest game to try the new firing formula and I’m happy to say they’ve pulled it off quite well.potshot pirates for android Once upon a time there was a pirate named Joe Elusive and he liked to hid his gold just like all paranoid pirates do. Unfortunately Joe has a bit of a memory issue and he’s forgotten where he hid his booty which is where you come in. You’ll job is to help Joe find his treasure on the Yokka-Pukka Islands where you’ll have battle fierce tribesmen across more than 100 levels. You control Joe’s ship and you can pan around the islands where the levels are set which allows you to pick your shots carefully. You’ll be firing cannons of course, and there are a few different types of shots available for use. You can also summon a Kraken if you have enough coins. Potshot Pirates 3D is the latest game to use pan & shoot mechanic, and it’s a great fit for a pirate themed physics flinger. Using the periscope to aim is a nice touch, and while I’ve only blown through a handful of levels the game has been quite a bit of fun so far. If you dig Pirates or physics-flingers, it’s well worth a look. The free version of the game gives you the first world for free while the full game unlocks 4 additional islands for $2.99.

Potshot Pirates 3D