Go on a Dungeon Crawl with Gamevil’s Dark Avenger for Android

dark.avenger-android You don’t have to look hard to find a Dungeon Crawler on Google Play, and the latest is called Dark Avenger. Gamevil released this last week on iOS, and now it’s our turn to hack and slash our way through the deadly dungeons of Dark Avenger.Screenshot_2013-05-09-22-35-45There’s no real backstory with Dark Avenger aside from the fact that you are fighting evil that has risen from the grave. Your job is to send it back from whence it came, and you’ll do that by hacking and slashing your way through 60 dungeon levels. Dark Avenger has a lengthy campaign (of sorts), PvP death matches, and something called the Infinity Tower which lets you fight evil one floor at a time. You can replay the campaign levels in timed mode as well which adds a bit more depth to an already deep game. There are a lot of upgrades in the game, and you’ll rack up loot after every battle in campaign mode. This is definitely where you’ll want to start as you’ll have your head handed to you if you jump right into PvP. There are some in-app purchases as you’d expect, but they aren’t overwhelming and you can definitely earn enough gear through drops if you play long enough.Screenshot_2013-05-09-22-38-17Dark Avenger is a solid hack-n-slash game that will definitely keep you entertained once you get some experience under your belt. The campaign is a bit monotonous at first, but the Infinity Tower and PvP are a lot of fun once you get going. Overall, everything seems to be very well done from the bosses to the chat system, and it’s a game you’ll want to check out if you like dungeon crawlers. You can pick up Dark Avenger for free on Google Play.

Dark Avenger

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