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Go on a Minimalistic Run in COLORUS for Android

by On

Colorus-androidThe Ludum Dare always produces some great games, and without we wouldn’t see Android titles like COLORUS from Octahedron Studios. It’s an endless runner with an Indie touch, and it’s one of the more colorful games we’ve seen lately. colorus-1COLORUS is a runner game with only one goal – see how long you can survive. There are no virtual joysticks or buttons to deal with, and your character doesn’t need to jump or dodge anything. The only thing you’ll need to pay attention to are the colorful obstacles and tabs you see on the screen. The controls are simple, but very effective. As you run you’ll want to change the background so that it  matches any objects in your way. This makes it vanish into the background and allows you to continue on your way. It’s easy at first, but becomes very tricky when you start hitting multicolored objects. I’ve seen everything from tri-colored campfires to blue piles of poo. There are only two modes of play at the moment, but more are listed as coming soon along with leaderboards and a pallets controller. colorus-2The theme of Ludum Dare 26 was “minimalism”, and COLORUS definitely takes a minimalistic approach to the endless runner genre. It’s an interesting take on things as there’s no jumping, swiping or fighting – it’s just you running against colorful backdrops. COLORUS is quite a bit of fun, and well worth the $0.99 price tag if you’re looking for something different.