AlcoheroThere are a lot of drinking games you can play on your Android device, but there aren’t many actual games with a plot that revolves around pubs. Alcohero from Moral Games is the first such game we’ve come across, and it’s an interesting take on the classic real life game known as a pub crawl… alcohero-1
Alcohero is a game about hitting the town on a Friday night and see just how much you can get away with. You’ll control a pixely little partier as he tries to get through six different pubs without getting caught by the coppers which is pretty simple until you get a bit too drunk. You’ll use a virtual d-pad to make your way through the pixel pubs, picking up drinks as you go.

Each time you take a drink your party meter goes up a bit, and when it gets full you’ll puke. When this happens the cop in the bar comes after you, and you’ll have to avoid him as you make your way to the exit. This is easier said than done as the doors are going to stay locked until you’ve finished every last drink in the bar. It also doesn’t help that you slow down when you puke, and you’ll keep puking if you keep drinking.alcohero-2
Alcohero is a simple game, but a fun one nonetheless. I thought the pixely backdrops of the pubs were very cool, and seeing the game through the eyes of a drunk when you puke was a nice touch. The only downside is that it’s pretty short with only 6 pubs to crawl through at the moment. The levels do get progressively trickier, there’s just not many of them. If you want go on a virtual pub crawl, you can pick up Alcohero for free on Google Play.


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