Go Retro with Web Prancer's Garfield Defense for Android

There are a lot of retro Android games out there, but not many actually feature retro characters especially from the 80s like Garfield. That’s right folks, the lasagna loving cat known as Garfield now has his own Android game thanks to Web Prancer called Garfield’s Defense. An evil race of aliens has invaded your home and turned your favorite thing (food) into a weapon. Your job is to defend the fridge against the treacherous food and as you’d expect you’ll get a little help from your friends along the way. You start out with nothing but a rolled up newspaper, but will get better weapons and more team members as you progress through the game. I noticed forks, trumpets, and a toy car launcher when browsing the upgrades section; the friends section has quite a few cool characters with friends like Sheldon, Nermal, Booker, and Orson among others. You’ll need cookies to buy upgrades, but you’ll have plenty of chances to get those cookies during the levels. I’m not sure how many stages there are in the game as of right now; you can unlock John Arbuckle at 49 so there’s at least 50 at a minimum.


As a fan of all things 80s (except parachute pants) I was pretty pumped to see Garfield Defense pop up, and while I haven’t spent much time with the game I’ve not been disappointed thus far. The game does a good job of bringing the world of Garfield to life, and I will definitely be doing a full review of this little jewel. If you’re ready for some defensive fun I highly recommend you head over to Google Play and pick up Garfield Defense for free.

Garfield Defense

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