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Go to War in a Giant Sized Mech in 6waves Offworld for Android

by On

The minds at 6Waves first caught or attention with the space strategy game known as Strikefleet Omega, and now they’re back with their latest Android game called Offworld. Offworld does involve space, but this game is really all about the mechs. Giant, powerful, ass kicking mechs… In Offworld you play the galaxies most feared bounty hunter, and you’re after the infamous Ace Stokes. You’ll use your personal army of giant war mechs (strikers) to hunt him down as you battle things out with a variety of foes across the stars. Each planetary battle lets you command a team of 3 strikers, and while you can only pilot one at a time you can switch out during battle. You pick your missions from the galaxy screen, and each planet you pick contains its own little set of missions which leads me to believe that Offworld has quite a bit of depth. I know there are several different types of mechs you can purchase along with the usual weapons upgrades, but you can also hire human pilots to run your mech which gives you bonuses. There’s one other features of interest in Offworld and it’s called online tournaments. Yup, you get to duke it out in mechs online and it’s pretty damned awesome. Offworld is an awesome little game and it involves giant war mechs which is never a bad thing. The game has a great style, is easy to play, and seems to have more than enough depth to keep you busy for a while. I highly recommend checking this one out and have no doubt that it’ll be a very popular game. If you’re ready to take the reins of a giant death dealing mech you can head on over to Google Play and pick up 6waves Offworld for free.