Google aggressively attempts to wrench control in iOS with Gmail


It is widely known that Google is slowly but surely dominating the markets. Google has recently made a very aggressive move that is a case and point “demonstration” of why this is the case. The iOS is one of Google’s major obstacles on its road to glory. The latest update for iOS Gmail basically insures that Gmail users stay within the Google realm of apps. The new update essentially makes certain that every link that is hit, within Gmail, is automatically directs the iOS user to corresponding Google app. What this means is that all the links within the Gmail app will lead to YouTube, Google Maps, or Chrome. This is a pretty smart move because it keeps iOS users logged into Google applications which will keep them looking and clicking on Google adds. Apple, unlike Android, has implemented a feature that will not allow outside apps to be used as default application handlers. This was a desperate move by Apple to keep their iOS users within their dwindling camp. It is brilliant tactic by Google to find a legal way to circumvent Apple’s attempt to protect their users form the outside influence of other apps. The Gmail update is free and is available for iOS 5.0. The new Gmail has supposedly been “optimized” for the iPhone 5 which means that Google has punctured another hole in the Apple bubble. At this rate Apple is running out of steam quickly and we can expect some sort of response to limit Google’s reach into the Apple audience. Source- cnet

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