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Google Analytics finally gets it own Android app

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Honestly, I haven’t been to pro-active when it comes to monitoring some of the blogs that I own on Google Analytics. I did set them up on Analytics so that I can take a look at how these blogs of mine perform when it comes to getting unique visits and all those important site stats. Even Google itself is not too active when it comes to giving its Google Analytics product that much needed attention despite the fact that it’s one of their most useful service. But that was before because finally Google gave Analytics some love by way of giving it it’s own Android app. And so, Google Analytics Android app is now available as a free download from Google Play. Among the things that you can do with Google Analytics as soon as you’ve installed it on your Android device are the following:

  • view the number of visitors you currently have and a list of the pages or screens that are popular (take note, Google Analytics work for websites and Android apps)
  • monitors important KPIs and user metrics such as Daily Unique Visitors and Goal Conversion Rate
  • see automatic alerts you’ve set for anomalies monitored by Google with regards to your site’s data

Google Analytics for Android seems like a pretty capable app, albeit useful for website owners and managers. And since you’ll be using your Android devices, you’ll automatically have your Google Analytics readily accessible without needing to set it up on the Android app.