Google and Android Take a Step Toward Realizing the Universal Translator

google.translate-androidImagine being anywhere on the planet and having access and the ability to communicate in any language. The concept of a universal translator was made popular by the original Star Trek television series. Google and Android have taken the first steps to bring this next generation technology into reality by introducing offline translation access to the Google Translate App google.translate-1for Android. For the moment Google will allow access to fifty different languages via individual language pack downloads on Android mobile devices. Android users will be required to  run Android 2.3 to take advantage of the Google Translate App’s new offline features. So far the language variety includes Latin based romance languages as well as languages of the east including Chinese. It makes sense that the downloadable content that will be available offline will not be as comprehensive as it would be with digital a connection. This however does not over shadow the fact that by utilizing the language downloads you will essentially be carrying a rudimentary language translator in your pocket that will be available anyplace and anytime through your Android device.  This new and innovative extension for the offline functionality of the Google Translate App for Android has also sparked an interest from Samsung. Samsung announced that they too will be unveiling a language translator with similar benefits called the S Translator. With Samsung following Google and Android’s lead in the creation of “anywhere anytime” language translation it feels safe to say that one day we might actually be able to utilize our mobile devices to ease communications between major languages by simply reaching for our pocket or purse; and that would be universal. Source: The Verge  

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