Google and Motorola making a mysterious X Phone

There are rumors in the digital air today that Google along Motorola are working on a new breed of cellphones dubbed as the “X Phone”, there is also a possibility of a tablet in works too. The tablet will probably be termed as the X Tablet if the pattern is taken under consideration. There rumors are generated when a report from Wall Street Journal came into light, we all know that Wall Street Journal is a well reputed publication so we don’t have to doubt the credibility of the said report. The Wall Street Journal states that the internet mogul Google is working with its newly acquired partner Motorola on a new phone which is probably codenamed the X Phone. Tablets are soon to follow after the making of this X Phone. Motorola meanwhile will still be producing its own line of Android powered phones making the X Phone a breed apart from the usual crop. Google previously has used various manufacturers to make its Nexus line. Samsung, Asus and LG all had a go with the purely Android centric brand. Latest of the lot are the hugely successful Nexus 4 made by LG and the Asus Nexus 7 tablet. The rumors suggest that Google has implemented it’s one of the top men on the X Phone project. Lior Ron was previously the Goggle product manager, with mapping experience in this file. The reports are suggesting that the device will come with an impressive camera and the appropriate software to back it up. Other than that the device might feature bendable screen and a ceramic unibody. The rest of the specs are still up in the air though but we certainly have gained interest in the illusive X Phone. Although the “X Phone” might be just a code name, but we can only hope it becomes a retail one too. We will dole out more details as more come to the surface. Source: The Verge

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