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Google Android 4.1 Can Be Flashed Onto The Galaxy Nexus Now

by On

At Google I/O 2012, Android 4.1 was announced, but it would only be available for the Galaxy Nexus and other devices in mid-July.  However, builds of Jelly Bean were leaked since the update was being pushed to the Galaxy Nexus devices handed out at the conference.  Fortunately, a few developers were able to mod the build and make sure it works on the GSM and LTE models of the Galaxy Nexus. Apparently LTE is working and most of the new functions in Android 4.1 are intact and working on both models.  For the GSM model, you will have to work through a root fix and a new radio patch in order to get the network to correctly work.  However, the Verizon LTE model requires just a wipe, and a flash through Clockwork Recovery.  Most of the comments on these builds have generally been positive, but remember to proceed with caution as rooting and flashing custom ROMs voids the warranty. [XDA-Developers] [RootzWiki] [AndroidGuys]