Google+ Android App Updated, Gets Ready for Ice Cream Sandwich

  Google has just rolled out a new version of Google+ Android app. According to the app’s change log, the app was completely redesigned with new visual design and that is a new app. True enough you won’t get the update notifications. I mean I had to uninstall the Android app on my phone and then did a new install. Once this is set and done, your Google+ app will now be sporting the new version. The update is of course in preparation for the launch of Android 4.0 also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. If you’ve seen the Android 4.0 preview, you’ll notice that Google+ for Android is now sporting an interface similar to the overall interface of Ice Cream Sandwich. The new interface layout now sports a multi-column interface and photo browsing was made to support edge-to-edge viewing. Likewise, the posting layout was also given a redesigned, making it more aligned with Android 4.0. Other changes to the Google+ Android app include – battery life improvements, navigation and performance improvements, significant notifications improvements, brand new posting UI, support for Google Apps users (Google+ was recently rolled out to Google Apps users), ability to sign out, ability to add people to a circle from circle profiles and of course the usual round of bug fixes. Overall, it’s a pretty good update. If you’re still using Google+, you might want to update your Google+ Android app installation on your Android phones. via Electronista

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