youtube app Today Microsoft was served a letter from YouTube, a “cease and desist” request, demanding for the immediate removal of the YouTube app from Microsoft’s Windows Store and also from all Windows Phone running devices already sold to consumers everywhere. It is not very clear how Microsoft could pull this thing off, maybe with an update of WP, anyway, moving along with the story. The YouTube app in question is developed by Microsoft itself, not by YouTube and it allows the user to download content from YouTube, hence it violates the Terms of Service. The letter addressed to Microsoft is signed by Francisco Varela, the Director of Global Platform Partnerships, YouTube LLC, and it states that Microsoft’s YouTube app is allowing customers to illegally download videos from YouTube, it blocks Adds when playing content on YouTube and it allows playback of content from YouTube partners which are restricted on some platforms. All these issues, let me quote from the letter, “directly harm our content creators and clearly violate our Terms of Service We request that you immediately withdraw this application from the Windows Phone Store and disable existing downloads of the application by Wednesday, May 22, 2013.”. The main issue is that content creators that are using the YouTube platform make money via YouTube’s ads and since Microsoft’s app works like some sort of AdBlock and also permits the download of content (which is illegal under YouTube’s Terms of Service), it may seem like YouTube’s request makes sense. “The YouTube Terms of Service and API Terms of Service, posted at, were written to protect content creators from this type of abuse. They clearly prohibit downloads of videos from the site and prohibit accessing any portion of YouTube videos by any means other than through the use of an authorized YouTube player.” Some blow back of the story was apparent today, at Google’s I/O conference, when Google’s CEO, Mr. Larry Page bashed Microsoft’s policy of “milking off” of Google’s ingenuity and the like. The full content of the letter is available below. Source : scribd

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