Google defends against battery drain rumors

googleBattery Google seems to always run into problems when they decide to port the goods to iOS. This time around the Apple crowd has claimed that the fairly new Google Now app for the iOS is a battery hog. The iOS users have claimed that after installing the Google Now app their battery lives have been reduced dramatically. Google has made a stand that directly renounces these rumors. Battery2 The claim states that after the installation of the Google Now app that iPhone batteries drain at a very fast rate and leave users stranded. The Apple community has even tried to address this supposed problem through blogs and online “how to fix” forums. Google maintains that there is nothing wrong with their app and that their product has been tested and tried. So where does this leave us? Where is the truth? There may be a reason for the discrepancy, besides the fact that the Apple crowd is using the wrong equipment. The Google Now app maintains a constant GPS signature that requires the app to stay open and run in the background.  For Google now to preform it requires that it constantly bounce signals off cell towers and nearby hot spots.  This means that the app will be using the battery more than other open apps. So the question is if Google Now works on Android devices without a problem why is there a problem with apple devices? It is very unlikely that Google designed this app to specifically drain iPhone batteries but the Apple crowd has proven themselves as elitist and the fault could not possibly be with their equipment… Could it? Source- techradar

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