Google Docs for Android App Updated with Web Clipboard and More

Google has just rolled out an update of its Google Docs for Android app bringing in a nice feature that lets you use pictures you’ve taken using your camera phone and inset them instantly on a Google document you are working on. This new feature uses the app’s Web Clipboard feature. Additionally, the app is now available for 46 languages and the open and send options were also greatly improved allowing you to open your documents with any compatible viewer application or send a doc as an attachment through your Gmail or another app installed on your Android phone or tablet. To insert images on a Google document that you are working on, simply take a picture using your Android phone’s camera and then select – “Send to Web Clipboard.” The picture will be uploaded and you can see the progress on the notification bar of your Android device. Once the upload is done ¬†open a Google document in your computer, and select the Web Clipboard icon and choose the picture that you have just saved. Easy, right? Google Docs for Android is available now as a free download from the Android Market. To make Google Docs for Android even more useful and handy, try adding it as a widget on your Android device’s homescreen. The camera icon is displayed as one of the default options in the widget.

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