Google Earth for Android gets Street View upgrade

Googleearth Google has finally upgraded their Google earth Android app to version 7.1. With this upgrade come some cool new features and the long awaited Street View. For those of you who somehow have never heard of Street View, it is the final zoom feature that takes you from the map view to a perspective view of the surface streets. Street View allows you to view the area through a first person perspective and includes the ability to travel along the documented routes. Googleearth1 Similar to Google earth for non-mobile devices, you will use the pegman to enter the available street view areas. When you drag the little yellow man from the corner over the map he will either become solid or translucent. When he is solid and you drop him on the map your view will zoom directly into a first person perspective of where ever you have placed him. Once in Street View tapping the directional arrows in the view screen will move you along in that direction. The Google earth upgrade also includes a new streamlined interface. There is now an earth logo in the upper left hand corner that will allow you to enable and access 3D buildings, Wikipedia, Panoramio photos, and various Google Earth layers. The directions have been improved as well. Now for directions you have the option to visualize the route using street view and you can also change the routes between walking and biking. If you use Google earth then you should waste no time in snagging this upgrade from Google Play. Source- mashable

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