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You’re probably thinking that at $70 a month, and with an offer of Gigabit speeds, Google Fiber is another one of Google’s incredible experiments to see what would be possible if we were all connected to the internet at breakneck speeds. However, Google, in typical Google fashion, has decide that Fiber isn’t just another science experiment, instead it’s actually “a great business to be in.”

We expect to make money from Google Fiber, this is a great business to be in.

That was the official statement that Milo Medin, vice president of access services, gave at the Fiber-to-Home Council meeting stated on Wednesday. Now you’re thinking, what, I pay almost double that and I still don’t get anywhere near Gigabit speeds.

Well the project has been made possible by the partnership of Google and the cities that it is building the Fiber network for. By keeping the costs of rolling out the network as low as possible, Google can then afford to offer blazing fast internet at an affordable price.

But there’s also a bit of bad news. Once Google completes installing Fiber in one location, it moves on to the next, meaning that customers who aren’t completely bought on the idea when it rolls around to their area of the neighbourhood, might not get another chance for a long time.

If you miss out on that installation, we may not get back to you for a long time.

You know what that means Austin residents, with Fiber headed to you very soon, you should pick up that pen and sign that agreement form, you might not get another chance for a while.

Our very own Nate Swanner has an interview with the Fiber team next week, and we’ll be sure to ask Google on its plans for the future of Fiber.

Now all I need is for Google to start expanding to other areas even faster, so I’ll start the bidding at $110 a month, anyone prepared to make a bigger offer?

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Via: Android Authority

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