The Google Glass Prices Should Be Much Lower

Google Glass As you may already know, Google released a developer version of its much praised high tech gizmo, the Google Glass, at a hefty price tag of almost $1500. This sounds like a lot of money, don’t you think? It IS a lot of money, but developers are not your regular consumers, for the average Joe, I expect a price tag of up to $350, tops! Let’s take a look at the facts, shell we? If you didn’t know, the engineers from Catwig took the Google Glass for a destruction test, actually they tear them up and took a look at its hardware, in order to get an idea about Google’s asking price. Well, breaking news, the Google Glass uses basically the same “high tech” stuff you will find in your average 100$ smart phone. It’s nothing alien in there, there’s no dilithium crystal, no trace of Sauron’s eye. Just basic stuff, actually, custom-crafted to fit into Google’s design. Let’s take a look inside the Glass, shall we? Google GlassSo, what do we have here? Well, there’s a touch-pad on the side, in case you don’t fancy voice control, the Wi-Fi and BlueTooth modules, a dual core processor, TI OMAP4430 version; along with these, a small 570mAh battery, a 16 GB Sandisk flash drive and the Elpida RAM module. Doesn’t look like Star Trek, does it? Well, there are other things in there also, like the bone-conductor speaker, the 5 megapixels camera module and the display with a 640×360 resolution, along with a bunch of sensors, i.e. temperature, proximity and the like. For such low-end specs, the $1500 price tag is huge, even if you take into account the fact that those components must fit Google’s original design. If you break up the cost of the components and manufacture, the Google Glass should cost ~200$ tops. Well, the developer edition is very different from the consumer one, as Google explained : they want the XE edition to be used by people who have something to offer to their platform, the average Joe is another story, just like the final version of the Glass. So, when Google Glass will be a mass marketed product, I expect a price tag similar to a contemporary Nexus device, anywhere between $150 and $350. Source : Catwig    

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