Google Glass teardown 2

The Google Glass XE7 update went live earlier in the week, but poking around under the hood has revealed a few hidden features, which could turn out to be quite a bit deal for Google Glass.

A user going by the name of zhuowei has discovered signs that Google has been working on a market place for Glass applications, named Boutique. This is one key feature which Glass is currently missing that will probably be required to make the device successful when it goes on sale to the public, so this discovery is pretty significant.

After trawling through the code, zhuowei found that Boutique would sync Glassware and APKs to Glass, the important thing to note there is the use of the word APK. The mention of APKs suggests that a native app SDK is in the works for Glass too, which is sure to please developers.

Unfortunately though, the feature was removed for the public release of the update, so we don’t know what the Boutique store may look like, at least not yet.

Delving through the update also revealed a few extra features, including a new lock screen which uses a swiping pattern for security, a video player, and a new volume slider function. Development is clearly still going strong on the Glass front, I can’t wait to see what the final public release version turns out like.

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Via: Android Authority

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