Google Glass Gets Police and Firefighters App

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The Google Glass just got cooler, with a Police/Firefighters/First Responders App, courtesy of Mutualink. This proves the fact that Google Glass has lots of beneficial applications in real life scenarios, besides making your Facebook available when driving.

Mutualink presented its Police app for Google Glass at APCO yesterday. APCO is a conference for public safety communications. The Glass app for law enforcement will be a breakthrough for officers and firefighters, because it will permit real time communications with live video feed from the scene, just let that sink in and imagine the possibilities.

The officers will be able to receive important documents in real time, for example building maps, the medical records of the victims, live images from the security cameras and much more.

For the operative agents working in the field, this on-demand intelligence platform is the best thing since sliced bread. They will be able to stay in contact with headquarters and other agents even when their radio units are off.

With such great power, comes great responsibility, especially when it comes to privacy measures. For example, New York’s Mayor, Mr Bloomberg, among other US officials, is not so happy with the idea of police using Google Glass on a daily basis. They fear that police wearing the Glass is prone to all kinds of dangerous interpretation; I think it’s a good thing for the officers to know they’re on candid camera and all their moves are on record.The same goes for the suspects.

Mutualink explained that their Glass app is under total control from the agency using it, hence matters of privacy are not in the hands of the police officers.

This Google Glass app reminds me of Robocop, don’t you think? Cops watching your “wrap sheet” as they’re talking to you, knowing everything about you via facial recognition software before stepping out of their vehicles, the future sounds pretty cool.


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