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Google Glass Will Be Available for $299 According To Analyst

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The Google Glass is one of the most sought after devices by geeks everywhere but unfortunately, even if you’re one of the few chosen “Explorers”, you will have to pay a hefty price tag of $1500 for one pair of Google’s finest.

Google’s policy was to release the Glass in the wild in the hand of a few carefully selected “Explorers”, who had to pay for the privilege and they were actually beta-testers of the device. If you ask me, that price is ridiculously high, it’s just a hype thing for the time being. A “normal” company would have given the Google Glass for free in the hands of beta testers and developers, but anyway, maybe it’s just me, I’m an idealist, I know.

The real question is how much the Google Glass will actually cost when it will hit the shelves worldwide and boy,I have some good news for you, at least in theory.

If you take apart the wearable “high tech gadget” from Google, you’d be surprised to find out that there is not much high tech inside actually, the Google Glass is basically a mid-range smartphone, in terms of camera, components and processing power. The only thing that’s different is the design itself, it’s a wearable smartphone and that’s all folks.

A Taiwanese researcher, Jason Tsai,made an educated guess regarding the future price of the Google Glass, when it will be mass produced and available to the general public. Taking into account that the most expensive component in the Glass costs about $35 and it is supplied by a company in which Google has shares ( Google bought a 6.5% share in  Himax Display back in July, this is the company that produces the tiny screen in the Glass), the Google Glass could be available for only $299, just in time for the holidays.

google glass

If Jason is right, and I believe he is, it is very possible that the Google Glass will be a best seller for the company. What do you think, would you buy a pair of these for $299?