Google Goggles Android App Updated with Search History

Google has just updated one of its underrated Android app, Google Goggles to a new version – making the app faster, more accurate and personalized in returning search results for wide variety of images. Google Goggles 1.4 Android app now provides you with an enhanced search history experience with the ability to suggest better results to Google if the app fails to accurately match image. The app has also improved it business card recognition. Google Goggle’s enhanced search history also now lets you search your Google results and make personal notes on them which you can later on share with your friends. What’s good about this new feature is that the notes also appear in your search history. This allows you to check out your search history using words in the notes you’ve added previously. The updated version of this Android app also now lets you suggest better results when it can’t find an image match or if the quality of the image it found is poor. To send suggestion to the app, simply tap on the “Can you suggest a better result?” link on the search results page. You can then select the relevant part of the image and send your tags. These tags will be used by the app to improve its image recognition in object categories. Finally, the app also now recognizes the information from scanned business card as a contact instead of recognizing it previously as text. This makes it easier to add the information on a scanned business card to your Android phone’s contact list easier. Google Goggles is available as a free download from the Android Market. via Google Mobile Blog

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