Google Helps Microsoft on YouTube App for Windows Phone

youtube app for windows phone After the first controversy between the two tech giants regarding Microsoft’s YouTube app for Windows Phone, when Google accused Microsoft of unfair practices and ripping them off,  things seem to have  cooled down and the sun shines again for the two companies. The issue in question was  Microsoft’s  YouTube app for Windows Phone; after giving Microsoft an ultimatum which demanded that until 22 of  May to remove the YouTube app from all their devices, now Google plays nice and it’s actually helping Microsoft to develop a cool YouTube app for their smartphones. Innitially, WP users had an YouTube app which infringed on YT’s Terms of Service, by blocking their ads and enabling the user to “illegaly” download content on their smartphones, without any constraint. Today, Google buried the ax of war and announced it is working together with the Redmond company in developing a new app for WindowsPhone. Let me quote them on that: “Microsoft and YouTube are working together to update the new YouTube for Windows Phone app to enable compliance with YouTube’s API terms of service, including enabling ads, in the coming weeks.” Microsoft also declared that they don’t have a problem with Google’s ads in their YouTube app, the only condition is for Google to provide access to an official API and things will move along. At first, Microsoft accused Google of denying them full access to its official API, and they released the incriminated YouTube app as a counter-measure, forcing Google to open up and provide the necessary data. The strategy proved to be a complete success. Now, the two companies work together and as soon as the new YouTube App for Window Phone  is ready, it will replace the previous version via an update from Microsoft. This move will benefit consumers the most, especially those who want to use a Microsoft OS on a Google platform or application. Source:  Register

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