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Google Instant Makes Searching Faster on Android Phones

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Google has just made its latest search product feature – Google Instant available for Android devices in the U.S. In case you’re not aware, Google Instant which was introduced recently makes searching on faster by suggesting search results, well in an instant. What makes this search feature different from other search suggestion feature of other search engines is the fact that the suggested results were more accurate and loads faster. With Google Instant on Android devices, mobile web searching also now becomes faster and more efficient. It works on Wi-Fi and 3G so you’d have instant results to your queries anytime, anywhere. To get this feature working on your Android phones, you must visit using your Android phone’s mobile web browser. Once on the site, simply tap on the “Turn on” located just below the Google search box. Then you can start searching and will experience search results in an instant. Google Instant works on Android devices with Android 2.2 for all U.S. users. Check out the video demo below to see how awesome this Google search feature is. via Official Google Blog