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Google I/O Day Two Rundown…

by On

Day two of Google I/O is now officially over and in the books. The first day was all about our favorite phone OS Android, but day two was mainly about Google Chrome. There were also two more very cool freebies handed out in the way of Chromebooks, and Verizons Mobile Hot Spot. I just thought I was jealous after the Galaxy Tab, now I’m really jealous… Anyway, here is a rundown of what happened today at Google I/O. Personally, I would have loved to have two days devoted to nothing but Android, but I know google has to tout its other products. They started off with the Chrome Browser which has grown in popularity from 70 million last year to 160 million users this year. They also said that the browser is 20x’s faster than it was last year, and has new features like voice to text, and faster speeds with JavaScript. They ran a demo of fish swimming on the screen, and when it the number was increased from 1000 to 10,000 it still seemed to handle it well. The Chrome Web Store is also now available in 41 languages and has had over 17 million apps installed since the end of last year. Developers also seemed to be pumped as they learned that Google has a new revenue sharing model for the Web Store. The new layout has a flat rate of 5% going to Google, with Dev’s keeping the rest. No fixed, monthly, or sign up fee’s will be added. The biggest announcement of the day was the fact that Chromebooks are finally ready to go. These will be ready to purchase world wide on June 15th and look to be a big seller when they are released. There was also the major announcement that the Chromebooks will be rented to schools, and businesses with for 28 bucks a month to enterprise customers, and 20 a month to students. The price includes free upgrades and security features as well. Last but not least, we got a little bit of Android news thrown in there. Google announced that the Android Market will be receiving a much needed makeover, and it  will now resemble the desktop & tablets versions of the Market. They are implementing badges for trustworthy apps, better filters, and increasing the maximum size of applications to 4GB. They also said the market will now be available in 99 more countries as well. Those Angry Birds also made a brief appearance… on the web! Yup, you can now bash those evil piggies in your browser. I played for awhile today through Firefox (sorry Chrome), and it worked and looked great. There are two worlds available right now with Poached Eggs, and the new “Chrome Dimension.” There may have not been much Android news today, but being able to play Angry Birds on my laptop is pretty darned sweet!