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Google Is Almost Done Selling The Nexus One

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It would be an overstatement to say the Nexus One is one of the best selling Android devices on the market today. However, it served a purpose for Google and did, in a sense, ignite Android manufacturers to become more innovative and produce better products. According to Google, the giant company has received its last shipment of Nexus One devices from HTC and will sell all remaining phones and then halt sales on their online store. Many people in America happen to own the Nexus One either through AT&T or T-Mobile and Google will keep customer support available for Nexus One owners. In case you still want to experience the Nexus One in all its glory, the Android smartphone is still available in Europe through Vodaphone and in Korea through KT. Google may even allow other carriers to sell the device depending on “local market conditions.” Google will continue to sell the Nexus One to registered Android developers, so they have a phone running the latest version of Android. It’s been a nice ride Nexus One, but there are new and Android smartphones now available (HTC EVO 4G and Motorola Droid X).