Google Makes Goggles Android App Faster, Smarter and Solves Sudoku Too

Google has just updated its cool Goggles Android app – making it not only faster but smarter as well. How smarter? Well aside from recognizing product barcodes and QR codes, Google Goggles Android app can now also scan print ads from newspapers and magazines but more interestingly the app is now so smart that it can help you solve Sudoku puzzles as well. In case you’re not aware, Google Goggles Android app is a very useful app when you’re shopping online. The app lets you scan product barcodes or QR code and then searches for product information on Google’s search index. It will then give you relevant information displayed in an organized fashion. With the updated version, scanning these barcodes and QR codes becomes faster and the results were displayed as quickly as you can blink your eyes. The app won’t even require you to press any button. Once it’s done with the scanning process, you’ll know it because your Android phone will vibrate gently. You can then simply tap on the results to read product reviews, check their store availability as well as compare product prices. In addition, Google Goggles also now lets you take a picture of an ad on your favorite magazines. The Android app recognizes this picture and gives you web search results related to the product or brand on the print ad. This feature is currently available only for magazines published in the U.S. from August 2010 onwards. If those two features are not enough to convince you that Google Goggles is really a cool Android app, how about if we tell you that it can also help you solve Sudoku puzzles as well? Yeah, I know it’s cheating but hey, this could be helpful for Sudoku puzzles which seem impossible to solve, right? This will save you from getting stuck too long on a puzzle and let you move on to the next one. Google Goggles Android app version 1.3 is available now from the Android Market. For more details, you can watch the video demo on how it works, below. via Google Mobile Blog

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