Google Maps for Android 4.6 Brings Updated reviews, search filters, and Latitude real-time updating

The Google Mobile Blog has just announced availability of Maps for Android version 4.6.  Basically, there three new features of Maps for Android 4.6, and these are – new design for Place page reviews, more option for filtering search results and real-time updating option for Google Latitude. The new Place pages on Android Maps is now similar to the design when displaying reviews on your computer. You can now see – “reviews from around the web” that highlights sites with high-quality reviews pertaining to a place, and “reviews from Google users” for highlighting reviews posted directly to Google Maps by other Maps for Android users. Before checking out Place page reviews on your Android phone, you can also narrow down which to check out by those places which are open now, available in your neighborhood as well as through related searches, plus distance and ratings. Finally, in Latitude you can now choose the experimental “real-time updating” option from individual Latitude friend’s profile page when meeting up with them. If you’re friend is using Maps 4.6 and Android 2.2 on his/her Android phone, Latitude app help you temporary updates of each other’s location while on the move. Maps for Android version 4.6 is available now from the Android Market. It requires Android phones running 1.6 or higher.

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