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Google Maps for Android Now Lets You Tweet Reviews and Ratings

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Google’s approach to the popular location-based services is being carried in either Google Places with Hotpot or Google Latitude. You can use both of these services on your Android phones by way of Google Maps for Android which allows you to post your ratings of places you’ve been to and share it with your contacts. Now, this service becomes even more useful and social as Google Maps for Android 5.2 now allows you to share your reviews and ratings on your Twitter account. You can post your places reviews and ratings using Google’s rating widget which should be available on your Android phones. If you have this widget on your phone’s home screen, simply choose “Post review to Twitter” everytime you published a review or rating of the a place. This will connect you to your Twitter account and post the review on your timeline so that your followers can see it. To make sure that you are posting the right tweet, the feature also allows you to preview your tweets before posting. Another nice feature that Google Maps for Android 5.2 is the facility for “pinging” your friends who are nearby. You can check this out by firing up Google Latitudes and find out on Google maps who are these friends. If you find somebody nearby, you can ask them where exactly they are through Google Latitude instead of calling or texting them. Your friends will receive a notification on their phone so that they can check-in at a certain place where you can meet up. Once your friend has checked-in, you will be notified as well. To use this cool “check in” features, you need to download Google Maps 5.2 for Android here. Your device should be running Android 1.6 or higher. Both you and your friends need to have Google Maps for Android 5.2 on your devices to make this feature work. via Google Mobile Blog